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Star Trek – Lower Decks: Season 1

Really, this is a Star Trek show! The missions are real, but seen through a comedy lens. The writing is sharp, the performances are great, and Trek fans can enjoy some genuine character comedy without being subjected to camp.

Justice League Action – Superpowers Unite: Season One, Part One

The World’s Greatest Superheroes battle the forces of evil in colorful bite-sized stories that are perfect for younger kids and their parents.

The Powerpuff Girls: The Last Donnycorn

The Powerpuff Girls come dangerously close to not saving the day in this disappointingly underwhelming collection of episodes.

Adventure Time: The Complete Seventh Season

Continuing its creative storytelling and ambitious world-building, this show doesn’t lose any of its spark, also experimenting with its first miniseries: Marceline-centric Stakes.

Tangled: Before Ever After

The Tangled television series kicks off with this debut movie, whose job is simply to restore Rapunzel’s golden locks for the ongoing show in an entertaining enough fashion.

Mickey And The Roadster Racers

This Mickey Mouse Clubhouse spin-off offers plenty of slapstick-heavy action for kids, even as some adults wonder how much mileage Disney can get out of it.

The Powerpuff Girls: Tiara Trouble

Though it may not capture the absurd magic of the original series, the new Powerpuff Girls still provides plenty of laughs for both kids and adults.

Back In Time

Back In Time strives to entertain with stories of making Back To The Future and the fan community that has built up around the trilogy, but you’ll end up using your remote to travel forward and save a few minutes.

All Things Must Pass: The Rise And Fall Of Tower Records

It used to be the place to buy your LaserDiscs and soundtracks, remembered fondly in this entertainingly celebrational retrospective.

DC Superhero Girls: Hero of the Year

Cute, spunky, and light on its feet, DC Superhero Girls: Hero of the Year should be super fun for its target audience.

Elstree 1976

The Force isn’t too strong with this peek behind the masks of a bunch of Star Wars actors and bit-parters that’s as down to earth as its personalities and lacking a true spark of real content over curiosity.

Lego Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles

The Force is fun with this one, providing cheeky Robot Chicken-style humor that Star Wars fans of all ages should find hilarious.

The Seventh Dwarf

Lazy, unfunny, and annoying, this German Disney knock-off offers very little to like. In fact, it will probably leave you feeling very “Grumpy” when it’s over.

Miles From Tomorrowland: Let’s Rocket!

“Blastastic!” Slick animation, likable characters, and engaging plots make Miles From Tomorrowland an unexpectedly smart children’s show.

Strange Magic

Where is Jar Jar Binks when you need him? Only interminable tedium is to be found in George Lucas’ jukebox musical, which you get the feeling Disney has (quite rightly) dumped out due to a contractual obligation.

More Cartoons For Victory!

More Thunderbean greatness! Foreign propaganda, rare Private Snafu Quick Facts, footage from the First Motion Picture Unit, and rarities from Disney and UPA make this an outstanding collection of wartime shorts.

Noveltoons: Original Classics

Thunderbean shows us how Famous Studios lived up to the Fleischer name, at least in the 1940s, with this collection of wonderful cartoons. Those that thought Famous meant “second rate” are in for a surprise.

Gladiators Of Rome

Lazy storytelling, uneven comedy and questionable subject matter combine in this Italian animation; somehow both bizarre and generic at the same time. Zero extras and mediocre audio tempt a big thumbs down.

The Kingdom Of Dreams And Madness

This wonderful documentary grants a fascinating glimpse at how Studio Ghibli functioned in its final year with master director Hayao Miyazaki.

Uncle Grandpa: Tiger Trails

This fairly new Cartoon Network series gets its first DVD, without any special features to speak of. But the show itself ends up being hilarious, with a cast of fun, wacky characters and an enjoyably zany nature behind it all.

Phineas And Ferb Star Wars

Disney allows its hit TV show to cross over with its newly bought Lucasfilm franchise, and the result is a fun celebration of both.

Marine Boy: The Complete First Season

As some of us clamor for more 1960s classics, Warner Archive surprises us with instead digging up an obscure anime production from that era, dubbed by the Speed Racer team.

Help! …It’s The Hair Bear Bunch!: The Complete Series

It’s not all that original, but this 1971 escape-from-the-zoo show did predate Madagascar by a few decades. It also provides the typical mix of good-natured humor and great voice actors that Hanna-Barbera fans love.

Captain Caveman And The Teen Angels: The Complete Series

Warner Archive reaches back to 1977 – an era of crime-solving teens and crime-fighting ladies. This Hanna-Barbera show has all that, plus a Caveman. Unga bunga!

Robotech 2-Movie Collection

For one low price, you get a pretty decent sequel to a beloved saga, plus one glorified clip show. There are great extras too, but they’ve been seen before.

The High Fructose Adventures Of Annoying Orange: Season 1

The YouTube hit first came to cable, and now appears on DVD. It’s the best talking fruit show on television, but is that saying much?

A Liar’s Autobiography: The Untrue Story Of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman

An uneven film still makes for a visually interesting and sporadically amusing take on the life of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman.

Tiny Toon Adventures Volume 3: Crazy Crew Rescues

The Tiny Toons are back on top form after their Vacation movie suffered less than notable treatment from Warners: this is the first of two final sets that will wrap up the show on DVD.

The Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show: The Complete Animated Series

The Emmy-nominated Saturday morning series finally gets a complete series set thanks to the Warner Archive program. The creations of Charles Schulz dispense gentle wisdom about the harshness of life.

Bugs Bunny Superstar

Larry Jackson and Bob Clampett’s documentary tribute to Termite Terrace is a unique, one of a kind retrospective that should be on any serious cartoon buff’s shelf!