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Popeye The Sailor: The 1960s TV Cartoons

See why one of the most popular cartoon TV shows in history had such variable quality, in this informative and insightful book from Popeye expert Fred M. Grandinetti.

How to Train Your Dragon: Dragonvine

This graphic novel is on the short side and the art a little inconsistent, but the nice storytelling co-written by director Dean DeBlois is enough to whet fans’ appetites ahead of the third film.

The Road To Broadway And Beyond: Disney’s Aladdin – A Whole New World

As opulent as the film and current stage smash it documents and celebrates, Michael Lassell’s book is a wish come true for fans.

The Walt Disney Studios: A Lot To Remember

Becky Cline and Steven Clark prove there is a lot to remember about the Walt Disney Studios, and all of it worthy of discovering or revisiting in this lavish new book.

X-Men ’92 Vol. 0: Warzones!

X-Men ’92 is a faithful continuation of the Fox animated series. But its chaotic narrative will leave all readers quite bewildered.

The Art Of The Good Dinosaur and Funny! 25 Years Of Laughter From The Pixar Story Room

A peek at Chronicle’s two most recent Pixar art books.

Frozen: The Poster Collection

Disney keeps the Frozen merchandising wheel a-turning with an oversized print presentation of 40 pull-out-and-frame poster images. Most collectors will likely keep the book intact – if they can fit it onto their shelves!

The Art Of Kung Fu Panda 2

Although it will certainly please fans of DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda and its upcoming sequel, this Art Of… suffers from over familiarity, even if the image choices are refreshingly from the genuine concept stages as opposed to final frame filler.

The Ballad Of Rango

Insight’s latest Art Of book is an engrossing trawl through the developmental work created by director Gore Verbinski and ILM for their collaboration Rango, and a fine companion to that unique film.

Stronger Than Spinach

Olive Oyl sexy? Bluto a better man than Popeye? This book dares to be contrary, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into a good read.

The Looney Tunes Treasury

The design of the book is beautiful, but once you get past that the vault seems surprisingly empty.

Day & Night

Teddy Newton’s bedtime storybook based on his wonderful short naturally can’t quite come alive on the printed page in the way the film did, but the delightful drawings do a sweet job of transposing one medium to another.

The 100 Greatest Looney Tunes Cartoons

Lavishly illustrated on quality paper, Jerry Beck’s new book unfortunately doesn’t bring an awfully lot new to the published Looney Tunes canon, though it is undeniably exceptional value for money.

My Life With Charlie Brown

This collection of prose writings from Charles Schulz provides the next-best thing to a true autobiography. It also finally made me understand why I love Peanuts so much.

The Disney Song Encyclopedia

Jeremie Noyer reviews Thomas S. Hischak and Mark A. Robinson compendium of the Disney song catalog.

Astro Boy And Anime Come To The Americas

Lots of great material exists in the first third of the book, after which the author loses his way, and the poor writing and lack of a proper editor make this a tough one to recommend.

The Art Of Up

Jeremie Noyer reviews The Art Of Up, which looks at the development of Pixar’s latest movie.

The Art Of Pixar Short Films

Amid Amidi writes a book that fills the gap in the “Art of” series of Pixar books. Aside from the pretty pictures, there is a pretty good overview of the studio’s history included.

The Astro Boy Essays

Finally, there is an English language book about Osamu Tezuka! This one has a narrow focus, but it’s a nice start, particularly for those who are most interested in his most famous creation.

The Hanna-Barbera Treasury

Jerry Beck brings animation fans another treat. The text in this one may not bring any revelations, but the book fulfills its intended purpose as a very cool scrapbook.

The Gremlins

Walt Disney and Roald Dahl’s wartime collaboration never made it to celluloid, but this deluxe reprint is a great glimpse at what might have been…