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Meet My Dad The Bounty Hunter‘s Dads

Netflix is set to debut another quality animated series. Meet the creators in this exclusive interview.

A kind interview with the creators of The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse

Read about the latest animation to appear soon on Apple TV+, as a book transitions to become a lovely and charming short film.

An interview with the creators of Oni

Tonko House has another exciting project to share with the world, with this one a Netflix series inspired by Japanese folklore.

Showrunner Rob David and Co-Executive Producer Jeff Matsuda on He-Man

With yet another He-Man show about to launch, find out what makes this one unique and still faithful to the original 1980s concept.

Glen Keane’s Over the Moon: Meet Fei-Fei and her creators

A beloved Chinese tale takes form, as the legendary animator/director collaborates with a team of creatives to craft a uniquely touching and personal film.

Arnold Leibovit on producing The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2

This exclusive interview touches on George Pal’s contribution to popular culture, and Leibovit’s own efforts to preserve that legacy, including his current campaign to restore more Puppetoons.

Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi talk about “rising” Moom

The creators of The Dam Keeper found new challenges in adapting a Japanese book for their latest project.

Around the world with Mila: Producer Andrea Emmes

Our exclusive series, detailing the unique production of a very special film, begins with interviewing its producer.

Animation visionary Glen Keane talks about Nephtali

Our exclusive wide-ranging interview focuses on Keane’s new short, touching on dance, music, faith, and the new technologies shaping animation in unimaginable ways.

How concept artist Dawn Brown transformed into a director for House Of Monsters

Our exclusive interview with the creator of the acclaimed web series examines her path from Oz to web stardom.

A Conversation with Terry Rawlings

Editor Terry Rawlings counts many impressive films amongst his credits, including Alien and Blade Runner. Here he talks about his 50-plus year career and his picture cutting debut Watership Down, newly available on Blu-ray.

Of pigs and men – Robert Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi talk about The Dam Keeper

Our exclusive interview looks at how two former Pixar artists created a singluar style for their new animated short.

Director Kevin Munroe revisits Imagi’s TMNT franchise

With the Ninja Turtles back in theaters, Munroe remembers their computer animated film, TMNT, and the epic trilogy that never happened due to studio troubles.

Buried Treasure: The ill-fated voyage to Treasure Planet 2

Director Jun Falkenstein maps out the story and artwork for the canceled Treasure Planet 2, in which Jim Hawkins and Silver would have taken on the villainous Ironbeard.

O Brother Bear, Where Art Thou?: Why Disney Channel turned down Brother Bear: The Series

With Brother Bear hitting its 10th anniversary, director Pete Michels and writer Bart Jennett recall making the ultimately-rejected pilot for its TV series spinoff.

Mike Disa and The Seven Dwarfs: How the Snow White prequel became a Dopey movie

In an AV Exclusive, Director Disa recalls why DisneyToons cancelled plans to give Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Doc, Happy, Bashful and Sleepy their own CG-animated franchise.

Free Birds creators explain why Reel FX’s first theatrical feature is no turkey

Director Jimmy Hayward and Reel FX President of Animation Aron Warner offer an exclusive sneak preview of Free Birds, coming to theaters in November.

Senior Technical Director Michael Muir mixes art and science in Smurfs 2

Muir explains the role of a technical director and reveals the challenges of working on CG characters versus live-action ones, for the Smurfs’ latest theatrical outing.

From Johan to Jordan: Peyo’s daughter tells the Smurfs’ story

Véronique Culliford recalls how her father, Peyo, created the original “blue man group” and examines how his legacy continues in The Smurfs 2.

Open the door to The Art Of Monsters University!

Author Karen Paik explains the creativity and technological advances Pixar used to make the blockbuster prequel and how Monsters, Inc. influenced that development process.

From Snow Queen to Pinocchio II: Robert Reece’s animated adventures in screenwriting

Reece recalls his journey thus far as a screenwriter, having co-penned Disney projects Tin Man of Oz, The Emperor’s Nightingale and Dumbo II.

Director Bergeron, actress Paradis talk A Monster in Paris

Director Bibo Bergeron and actress Vanessa Paradis share insight into their critically-acclaimed French hit A Monster in Paris, now available to own on Blu-ray.

Superman Classic creator Robb Pratt unveils Flash Gordon Classic

In an Animated Views exclusive, Robb Pratt talks Planes, sequels to his visionary Superman fan film – and gives us a sneak peek at Flash Gordon Classic!

Disney Historian J.B. Kaufman on the greatest Snow White books of all!

Jeremie speaks to Disney historian JB Kaufman about his two new books on Walt Disney’s Snow White, each of which present rare, never before seen artwork and stories from the film’s production!

Don’t be a jerk! It’s a SpongeBob Christmas with Screen Novelties!

As SpongeBob prepares to make his stop-motion debut on television this Christmas, Jeremie goes behind the scenes to speak with his new animators!

Artist Bob Camp recalls the ill-fated Space Jam 2

Storyboard artist Bob Camp recalls how the Looney Tunes and NBA superstar Michael Jordan almost re-teamed for another out-of-this-world game of basketball, against the villainous Berserk-O!

Disney Director of Development Maggie Malone on The Art of Wreck-It Ralph

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Maggie Malone speaks to Jeremie Noyer about the unique approach the visual artists took to the Studio’s latest animated feature.

Frankenweenie: Cinematographer Peter Sorg’s shades of grey

Sparky returns to screens in Tim Burton’s stop-motion update of his own 1984 live-action featurette and here Jeremie speaks with cinematographer Peter Sorg to see how they brought the visuals to life!

ParaNorman: an art in the making, with filmmakers Chris Butler and Sam Fell

The ParaNorman directors talk stop-motion zombies and other aspects of their new production, including their involvement with The Art and Making of ParaNorman book!

Director Barry Cook remembers the Peoples of Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida

Barry Cook recalls how WDFA-F was to bridge the transition from traditional to CG animation with My Peoples, only to find the project canceled and the studio shut down.