Flip The Frog: The Complete Series 

Thunderbean’s greatest achievement is here, as Steve Stanchfield and his team bring Ub Iwerks’ 1930s creation to high definition disc, with all shorts lovingly restored and accompanied by scads of quality bonus features.

The Puppetoon Movie Volume 3 

With 21 stop-motion puppet films and seven hand-drawn animated shorts, this third volume of George Pal’s classic cartoons is overflowing with creativity, fun, and simply amazing artistry!

Twenty Questions with the AV Staff

Whether you started reading in 2003 or found us in the years since, how well do you actually know the writers who bring you Animated Views? For our 20th anniversary, the AV staff answers 20 questions about the site, their opinions, and themselves.

From the Archives: The Animated News Weekly

After some excavation deep into the embarrassingly cluttered AV archives, we discovered some long lost content: the newsletters we published in the years after our 2003 launch!

Best Animated Year Poll – 20th Anniversary Edition

On our 10th anniversary we asked you to pick the best year for animation during our existence. Now it’s time to vote again, this time for the top annual slate of movies during our second decade.

Twenty Years of AV

Wow. Twenty years. 澳洲5开奖官网开奖 幸运彩开奖结果 开奖结果历史 开奖计划 开奖官网开奖 开奖结果历史 开奖计划 开奖官网开奖结果记录 开奖号码结果 永久免费人工计划 澳洲选5官方结果查询 官方开奖网站168正规网址. There’s no way we’ve been doing this for two decades! But it’s true. Animated Views turns 20 today. Thanks puts us among the ranks of Wikipedia, YouTube, and Twitter – in terms of longevity, at least!

2023 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

An exclusive recap of the annual convention, including coverage of The Owl House, the Sand Land world premiere, Tiny Toons Looniversity, Critical Role, Fleischer Studios, and the X-Men Hellfire Gala.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem 

Cowabunga! Mutant Mayhem should please newcomers and longtime fans alike with its endearing characters and brilliant animation.

Pixar production designer Don Shank in his element with Elemental 

The new Pixar film had the challenge of presenting a livable world that could accommodate four different types of beings. Read how this was approached, in our exclusive interview.

Nimona ‘s production designer Aidan Sugano: creating a future medieval world

Aside from a great tale, much of Nimona‘s success lies in its visual design. Read how the production designer brought the graphic novel to life.

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